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If you are visiting this page, you are probably looking for the Eurostar English Site ? If you are visiting Eurostar website from France then you will be automatically redirected to the french version, which is not really handy if you do not speak french ! If you want to be redirected to the English Eurostar website, you can click here.

If this is still not working, then you will have to follow the different steps that we will explain. Go to the Eurostar website using this link and you should have a url ending with the « .com ». What you have to do to have the Eurostar English site is simply to edit the url and change the « .com » with a « ». You should now have the pages in English only.

Now you are visiting the english version of the Eurostar website you will be able to book your tickets but also to manage your booking and get all the information about your travel with Eurostar.

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  1. Severine says:

    Je vous authorise si vous le souhaitez utiliser my video sur votre site!!

    Bien Cordialement


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